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Monday, August 13, 2007

Not Your Father's Sparkling Rosé

... well, ok, so your father probably didn't drink rosé anyhow. But the reputation of the pinkish sort of wine in America is generally bad. For the beer quaffing Midwestern male the blush wine is an effeminate drink and for women its a little too "pinkies up." For the highbrow country club types the rosé is for children and "middle brow" drinkers who pretend to sophistication, but cant handle the tannins in a Tuscan red. Sutter Home's White Zin was popular for a while, but it is now associated with the empty-headedness and "greed is good" climate of the 1980s. White Zin, in the eyes of many, is best drunk from a paper bag with a straw.

But not all rosés are created equal... Check out the Ameztoi Rubentia Txakolina from Spain's Basque country. The wine has a berry like flavor without being too sweet. It also has a gentle bubble and a slightly dry finish. Its just great. It tastes like an interesting white wine rather than a sweet red. It holds up to food but is pleasant to drink on its own. If you are in Minneapolis, you can find it for about $15 a bottle at Zipps on Franklin.

Ameztoi also makes a really nice white Txakolina with the same gentle sparkle. The taste is subtle and clean, but somehow it did not inspire the same awe that accompanied the Rubentia. Still an interesting white that showcases the diversity of wine makers on the Iberian peninsula.

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