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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This blog is on hiatus

In case you haven't noticed, there has been precious little activity on this blog in the past few months. I have drafted some entries, but then failed to post them for a variety of reasons. The main one being forgetfulness but the second is more philosophical: I am afraid this blog has veered from its intended beat. I have posted on history, politics and other topics of the moment, but I have relatively few on the themes I set out to explore, namely food, travel and the life of the bon vivant scholar.

So, I will require some time to put things back on track. I anticipate a pork related posting in a couple of weeks. I am getting ready to make homemade tacos al pastor this weekend. I hope to post the results shortly thereafter. Ideally with photos and a recipe.

At some point, I'd like to inaugurate a different blog, dedicated to politics and the practice of history, but my cyber publishing will be limited until I publish more history between the covers of a peer reviewed journal. That will not happen until this summer.