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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chocolate Crostata

A quick food post: This Sunday "J" and I made a chocolate crostata recipe from Bon Appetite magazine (May 2008). The pastry recipe was pretty interesting. It had a couple egg yokes, a whole egg, and powdered sugar in addition to the usual suspects (flour & butter). It turned out great, except my tart pan was only a 9" diameter instead of the requisite 10. My bad, I should have measured.

It tasted delicious, mainly because of the 10 ounces of chocolate and two cups of whipping cream that went into the filling. (Who are we kidding, thats not filling, its a frosting, and a damn good one at that!) The recipe called for toasted pine nuts on top, but we used toasted hazelnuts instead. It tasted great and looked impressive. I will post a picture one of these days.


Michael said...

Hey, Matt,

Just saw one of your postings on Edge of the American West and thought I'd drop by your site. S and I are moving to Philadelphia soon for a post I got there. Had a campus interview from your old neck of the woods--SUNY-Cortland--but didn't make the final cut.


Ortho said...

Mmmmm, this recipe sounds delicious. I can't wait to see a photo of it.